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Andrew_Matthews_MediumAndrew Matthews is one of the UK’s top psychic mediums and has been a voice for spirit and a channel since the age of 12.

He gives psychic readings to clients from all around the world, helping individuals to gain insight and wisdom into their lives, messages from those in spirit and clarity in business.

Connecting our souls across the bridge of life through insight love and wisdom, place your thoughts and feelings through my sincere pages and enjoy a special connection of life.

Each reading is special to all of us perhaps for many reasons to feel connected and seek guidance or simply to enjoy special moments of insight within and around the world of spiritual life.

If you wish read one or more testimonials which i have kindly received from warm clients and then choose one or two special sittings when you are ready, just go to the page of your choice and submit your booking.

I look forward and welcome you to be part of and share the gift of knowledge and light through our guides and loved ones.

Be inspired and open more doors within for you own journey.

CONTACT 555essence@gmail.com

0787 875 8958