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Psychic Readings

  • Psychic_Reading_Andrew_Matthews_MediumType of Psychic Readings Available:
  • Intuitive & Psychic Connection
  • Personal Reading
  • Deep Soul Reading
  • Love and Balance Readings
  • Connecting to Loved ones in Spirit
  • Intuitive Re Mapping
  • Urgent Consultations over the phone
  • Business / Corporate Insights
  • Email Readings with photo connection

To book an appointment with Andrew please contact Andrew:

555essence@gmail.com Phone 0787 875 8958

with your preferred appointment times. Andrew will confirm within 24 hours. For urgent consultation please ring 0787 875 8958 

PAYMENT TO PAYPAL sanglemore@hotmail.co.uk



Choose Option:

Andrew_Matthews_Psychic_MediumUrgent Consultation over the phone:
30 minute £55 or


Personal reading £55
Same day consultation over the phone for support, direction and assisted resolution to urgent
enquiry’s. Phone reading’s can be booked on an agreed time suitable for the reader and sitter if required. Please Email: 555essence@gmail.com  

 Payment to Paypal at sanglemore@hotmail.co.uk

0787 875 8958

Thank you

Personal Reading: Spiritual / Intuitive & Psychic Connection: face to face sitting or over the phone.


Email:  555essence@gmail.com

Payment to Paypal sanglemore@hotmail.co.uk

Connecting with family / friends in spirit / evidence of spirit / connecting to your life thoughts and inner feelings / intuitive direction and invitation of questions to help balance your path.

Love & Balance Awareness Intuitive & Psychic Reading: face to face sitting 

Reading £55

Connecting to Matters of the heart / understanding and re balancing relationships from the Past and Present and directional guidance for personal fulfilment and growth. The soul is the core of us as we know, by seeking within intuitive answers and observations can help us tremendously to rebuild our inner thoughts and warm the soul.

Deep Soul Reading: face to face sitting

Reading  £55

This is a personal one to one reading connecting and understanding to your soul your personal imprint of thoughts, feelings and behaviour through your journey of life. Through this connection you learn to understand and re affirm your individuality, the inner you that enable you function and make decisions. Why do I behave in a certain way ? Why does the gate of life seem testing ?drawing on this invaluable information intuitively supports further growth within thus enabling each one of us to feel more responsive to ourselves and allow further positive progress and personal achievements, a life walk within, you might say.

Connecting to Loved ones in Spirit Spiritual: face to face sitting 

Reading  with photo’s, family and friends


Reconnecting with family and friends in spirit , inviting warm memory’s within the bounds of evidential spiritual survivorship such as the use of photos, jewellery, Piece’s of Hair lock all of which is sentimental and retains a personal footprint to each family’s line of life.

Intuitive Re Mapping/Healing: face to face sitting 

Reading £55

This session is built upon understanding our troubled issues, forgiveness, personal direction supported by intuitive observation based upon internal intuitive information and positive reasoning as an intuitive reader. Over the years I have run various holistic clinics on a one to one basis privately and within a GP practice to support and guide individuals to gain positive thoughts, freedom and direction, so each individual can move forward along there path in life.

Psychic Reading & Healing in Kingston upon Thames

2 Hours £120

A 2 hour appointment with Andrew combines a 1 hour reading sitting  followed by a short break in preparation  to begin your healing session.Healing is carried out on a soft comfy couch and a chair. Please dress in relaxed attire for the healing session or bring a change of clothes.


“From the first time i had a reading with Andrew he amazed me with his mediumship. His spirit guides uses him well and gives such detailed information that even shocks me sometimes as he is so accurate with what he says about the past that only i would know about. It doesnt matter how many times i go for a reading he always surprises me. A very talented medium.” Janet

“I’m a reiki master and holistic therapist of over 30 years…in my experience it is very rare to meet a medium such as Andrew. He embodies the purity immovable integrity and compassionate personality that is required in this field of very sensitive light and spiritual work. Andrew has patience and a quiet yet powerful presence thus enabling one to trust and open up. Thereby giving spirit of which Andrew is a pure conduit the opportunity to give one tge guidance required and desired.
He’s been a steadying force for my son and I and enabled us to go forward with peace filed knowledge and information imparted.
I think it truly an honour to have met such a gifted medium who is so self effacing and humble. His humourous delivery and engaging personality make it a delight to work with him.” Hana

Andrew is based in the UK, please specify your location when contacting him to confirm your reading time.

24 Hours notice to re schedule or

24 Hours for cancellations