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Reiki_KingstonNatural Reiki Healing:

1 hour £65

Treats the whole person on many levels, to treat and speed recovery of ailments and injuries and promotes positive thoughts.
We begin with an open warm introduction of connection followed by how the session will unfold for you, then we move on to the core work where you start to receive natural healing energy.

You may feel a gentle warmth from the healing hands, it is non invasive and can be used along side other therapies.

Towards the end of the sessions we allow time to balance our self back and answer any questions to complete our session together.
Creates deep relaxation /reduces stress and anxiety /helps to relieve pain and release toxins/ balances the energies within the body / promotes Wellbeing.

Email 555essence@gmail.com

Payment at Paypalsanglemore@hotmail.co.uk

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Sally was on medication for many years and suffered with chronic pain and after one private healing session with Andrew she was painfree, in Sallys own words:

Kingston_Reiki“I had been suffering with a bad back which had been caused by an injury about ten years ago. I visited Andrew for some healing. As soon as he had placed his hands on my lower back it felt warm and soothing. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the session. After the healing my pain had disappeared, the following day i had a slight pain in the top of my leg but by the end of the day it had travelled to my foot and then vanished! I was painfree! The healing was very beneficial for me because i have tried other forms of pain relief which failed to work, this treatment is wonderful. Thank you Andrew” Sally Ritchie

“Andrew is a kind and caring person who has an amazing gift of healing. From my own personal experience, at a time when i was in a very emotional state and in a state of overwhelm his treatment calmed and cleared my thoughts so i was able to make decisions and move on. He has also been helpful with a back and a hip problem i had, and more recently foot pain.
As a physio i have recommended him to clients for a variety of conditions including stress and emotional issues, also musculoskeletal conditions as chronic back pain. he frequently does sessions at the GP surgery where i practice. I would recommend him to any practise as i see his gift of healing as a benefit to the holistic approach to healing or rehabilitation of a person.” Charmaine Smyth, Physiotherapist

Andrew is based in the UK, please specify your location when contacting him to confirm your  time.

24 Hours notice to re schedule / 48 Hours notice for cancellations