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Poem: Water of Life

Water of Life

“Frozen as I am through the peak of the willow, as the light of life befalls, as once again the stars of the night pass over and open upon a new dawn. As a note in the choir the sound of movement distils along a winding path, through a change of metamorphosis that becomes transparent, the pulse of life raptures, enveloping its desire.
Fresh as the wind, crisp as the cold we follow until out of sight, our eyes lift and our thirst pulls, a life is saved a life is born, it touches all from dusk to dawn as H20, from above like a constellation it journey begins fallen to our shores, frozen in place and torrid upon approach, calm it will splender in sight, as a tear drops straight from heaven it only freezes during the night.
In the eyes of the beholder, true beauty is only seen, senses quelling our thirst, it beats a new life, and the flower without new life, it will never grow, as its nature is the law of life and a sister to the sun, as time travels, parallel is its path, like one without the other its true meaning is just a portrait within the eyes of life, just still.
Sounds are plenty, the heather is bright, the lark of the animals flourish upon its sight, pastures green shining through its might, through the curl of wind the ocean comes alive, azure blue and emerald green our secret treasure it not ours to keep, only just for you and me.”

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