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Healing Hands  

We have employed a range of therapists over the years, all beneficial, and gradually each service user is now open to the idea of therapy. So … when Andrew arrived, bringing with him healing hands, an empathic manner and a listening ear, our service users have been looking forward to his weekly visits.

We have seen amazing results in all his clients. One lady with intense mental and physical health issues is now in good spirits. She no longer shakes and her walking has improved. Her family are astonished at her recovery from a recent admission to Barnes Hospital after coming to Gwynneth Morgan and having treatments from Andrew.
Another client, a very intelligent man with severe chest breathing and walking problems had severe pain in his leg for years and has needed a walker to assist him walking. He is now his old happy cheeky self. His spirits are high and he is now confident I’m motivated enough to follow Andrew’s advice and can be seen walking up and down the corridors of the centre to improve his mobility and strength without his assisted walking frame.
Similarly a lady from Liverpool, who was always animated and full of humour, became distressed and tearful. Andrew gave her several treatments and she is now back to her old self. So much so it was her birthday on Monday and she insisted on having a drink and a party. A good time was had by all. “It is like turning on the electricity” you feel all warm and relaxed afterwards.

A member of staff suffering with back problems had one treatment with Andrew and has never had a problem since consequently she’s much happier at work. There is nothing worse than pain to call stress at work.

Well as you can imagine from a management point of view, Andrew had created exactly what was needed. His treatments are non-invasive, nonintrusive. He has a lovely way of communicating with his clients in a calm manner always using eye contact, which many people avoid with anyone with a disability. Staff are happier as they know Andrew is here if they have a problem, And as for myself, Andrew has taught me to take a few minutes each day to slow down and his treatments have enabled me to cope with some of the stresses at work in a calm and relaxed manner. I have over the months experienced a feeling of well-being and optimism during some very challenging times. I can only highly recommend both his healing treatments and wisdom to anyone in the future.

Elizabeth Wilson, Manager Gwynneth Morgan Resource Day Centre for Elderly and Disabled, Wandsworth   
Reading by Andrew  

I'm a reiki master and holistic therapist of over 30 years. It's been a privalage to have met a gifted medium of such integrity honesty and compassion. He has an ability to present the message from spirit in a professional clear humourous and very empathic manner. Thereby enabling the client to trust him and be more open the reading as a result is very evidential believable me mind glowingly accurate. Plus the advice and direction given is clear precise and unwaveringly respectful and honest.

Hanna Morgana-Rai   
A Very Talented Medium  

From the first time i had a reading with Andrew he amazed me with his mediumship. His spirit guides uses him well and gives such detailed information that even shocks me sometimes as he is so accurate with what he says about the past that only i would know about. It doesnt matter how many times i go for a reading he always surprises me. A very talented medium.

Amazing Gifted Healer  

Andrew is a kind and caring person who has an amazing gift of healing. From my own personal experience, at a time when i was in a very emotional state and in a state of overwhelm his treatment calmed and cleared my thoughts so i was able to make decisions and move on. He has also been helpful with a back and a hip problem i had, and more recently foot pain.
As a physio i have recommended him to clients for a variety of conditions including stress and emotional issues, also musculoskeletal conditions as chronic back pain. he frequently does sessions at the GP surgery where i practice. I would recommend him to any practise as i see his gift of healing as a benefit to the holistic approach to healing or rehabilitation of a person.

Charmaine Smith   
Pain Free!  

I had been suffering with a bad back which had been caused by an injury about ten years ago. I visited Andrew for some healing. As soon as he had placed his hands on my lower back it felt warm and soothing. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the session. After the healing my pain had disappeared, the following day i had a slight pain in the top of my leg but by the end of the day it had travelled to my foot and then vanished! I was painfree! The healing was very beneficial for me because i have tried other forms of pain relief which failed to work, this treatment is wonderful. Thank you Andrew

Sally Ritchie   
Miraculous Flow of Healing Energy  

I am almost lost for words to express my gratitude for the miraculous changes that have happened in me and my families life since you have been giving us healing. This year has been one of the most stressful in my life and it is your healing that has re-energised and given me emotional strength back, to cope with life. Every time i felt tearful and unable to cope, the moment you laid your hands on my feet, i felt the warm energy flow right through y body, literally washing the stress away. My older daughter was very stuck in her life and due to trust issues, you have been the only healer she has opened up to and relaxed with. The result of your unconditional words of advice and spiritual healing has meant she is now a happy beautiful girl, whose career is now going from strength to strength. Also the relationship you predicted for her has happened. She is now in a happy stable relationship. My younger daughter since receiving several sessions of your healing has truly grown up and stopped her wild party lifestyle. She has now applied and been accepted into University. I am thrilled and so happy! My loving family are back and thriving. This is all down to the care, and nurturing wisdom you imparted and of course the miraculous flow of healing energy that has balanced and put my family at ease. I will happily recommend you anyone and everyone. You are a star Andrew, an angel in disguise! I thank you from all my hearts!

Lesley Irvine, Hypnotherapist   
So Accurate!  

An incredible psychic, so accurate and tunes in so quickly.
Its like spirit on speed dial!
Andrew has brought through many of my ancestors and friends who have passed on, with such accuracy and wisdom. With some very practical useful information, for both my business and personal life. Incredible useful to have a perspective from those in spirit who can see the bigger picture.
What i also like about his messages is that he has a great sense of humour and thus delivers the readings in both a sensitive and uplifting manner. Thanks Andrew, good to know my Dad who passed on 12 years ago is still helping me out!