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Andrew Matthews

Andrew_Matthews_PsychicI am an Intuitive spiritual medium reader, gifted Clairvoyance: clear seeing, Clairsentience ability to receive messages via feelings , emotions or physical sensations, Clairaudient Inner hearing and Claircognizance, the ability to know without logic.

From an early age I was aware of my connection and abilities. My conscious awareness became active around the age of 12, I would hear and sense someone guiding me during my daily life and receive visions of events that would come to fruition. My awareness was heightened and as I grew along life’s path and my Intuition became an active radar you might say.

For many years you begin to understand how life is inter-woven with those who have passed to the other side of life. To be able to Hear, to See, to sense with originality brings to life a fundamental link to those in spirit. My intuition levels help to guide those in need of personal guidance and direction through exploring questions and receiving answers during private sessions.

I abide by a professional code of conduct and confidentiality and my sense of purity is my ethos. I connect both on a Psychic and Spiritual level and often I will asked the client of whom do you wish to connect with within the world of spirit during our session.

I have also written a book:

“Inside the Healers Mind & Healing the Body.”

“I am almost lost for words to express my gratitude for the miraculous changes that have happened in me and my families life since you have been giving us healing. This year has been one of the most stressful in my life and it is your healing that has re-energised and given me emotional strength back, to cope with life. Every time i felt tearful and unable to cope, the moment you laid your hands on my feet, i felt the warm energy flow right through y body, literally washing the stress away. My older daughter was very stuck in her life and due to trust issues, you have been the only healer she has opened up to and relaxed with. The result of your unconditional words of advice and spiritual healing has meant she is now a happy beautiful girl, whose career is now going from strength to strength. Also the relationship you predicted for her has happened. She is now in a happy stable relationship. My younger daughter since receiving several sessions of your healing has truly grown up and stopped her wild party lifestyle. She has now applied and been accepted into University. I am thrilled and so happy! My loving family are back and thriving. This is all down to the care, and nurturing wisdom you imparted and of course the miraculous flow of healing energy that has balanced and put my family at ease. I will happily recommend you anyone and everyone. You are a star Andrew, an angel in disguise! I thank you from all my hearts!” Lesley Irvine, Hypnotherapist

For many years I have also been a natural gifted healer certified and abide by code of professional conduct in private practice and within GP surgery and Principle holistic healer within a disability centre helping those to recover from injury and gain positive direction in life from Adult to children.

I have published my own Healing book, wrote poetry direct from world of spirit which was published within a single book for top ten poets in united Kingdom donated to the funds of all serviceman called Operation Shoebox. Also I have supported MS Society giving talks in relation to nature healing to on going suffers.


Qualified Natural Reiki Master and Teacher / Spiritual Healing / Stanstead College of Psychic Studies Mediumship / Certified SNU healer