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Business_PsychicBusiness Consultation: Intuitive & Psychic Connection
Half Day 3 Hours £350 | Full Day £500

Plus travel expenses in the UK (to be confirmed prior to appointment)
For international travel please contact Andrew directly.

Insights into your business, an impartial intuitive business consultation, to unfold and enhance the flow of the business. To bring awareness and any observations that need to be assisted or supported through questions and answers through natural observations enabling Andrew to naturally read the business.

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Many high profile corporations now consult psychic mediums in their business decision making process to support the growth and strategic decisions.

Understanding your partner and partners / intuitive profiling sensing strengths and weaknesses and signature reading. Assisting your questions and decisions based upon accumulate foundations of Intuitive and Psychic information. This enables positive redirection and focus to be about positive results. The most fundamental element is behaviour and skills, Are they in the right place? What is missing? Where are the negative flat spots? What are the implication and considerations required to achieve an healthy flow of movement for the good of the business? Is there issues with contracts?

Profiling and sensing team members and question answering relationship through intuitive insight and reasoning is of great value and team building. Positive steps and understanding awareness and insight to support the core of the business.

You can book a general reading initially for 1 hour over the phone £85.00

Email: 555essence@gmail.com

Payment by Paypal sanglemore@hotmail.co.uk


We have seen amazing results in all his clients. He has a great way of communicating at all levels and brings balance and direction. He works on a intuitive level with practical reasoning.

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Andrew is based in the UK, please specify your location when contacting him & to confirm availability.

For up to 2 Day Business Consultations in the UK: 7 days notice to re schedule / 14 days notice for cancellations.

For International and extended consultations in the UK, details to be agreed and confirmed with Andrew prior to your booking.